Storm: An Elemental Puzzle Platformer Must-Buy

One of the latest games to hit PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, and PC, Storm is a puzzle platformer based around nature and the elements. Gameplay consists of manipulating the path of a seed across various landscapes utilizing wind, rain, lightning and more. Beginning with Spring, the various levels carry you through the remaining seasons, your powers changing with them, keeping the game both fresh and diverse.

Storm, developed by Zoo Games, is an indie title that promises to keep your mind buzzing (it boasts 49 levels), your pocketbook happy (priced $9.99 at launch), and your housemates playing along with you. For a closer look, check out the video below, which does a good job of showcasing the various seasonal elements at a player’s disposal.

Storm Gameplay Trailer: The Seasons

The three main elements include wind, lighting and rain.Wind moves seeds around.Lightning can break up rocks, set grass on fire and make seeds jump.Rain maneuvers seed by filling up holes, extinguishing fires and creating bubbles. Secondary elements both complicate and enhance gameplay. Tornadoes strengthen wind, blowing seeds to higher ground. Bubbles also elevate seeds by enabling them to float, and can be used with wind to transport seeds across longer distances. Snow builds up, creating a cushion for seeds to access higher ground.Finally, ice provides a smooth sliding surface for seeds to move across.

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