JavaScript is Taking Over the Programing World

The cat is out of the bag: JavaScript is in fact taking over the programming world. JavaScript is a simple and effective way to create enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites. JavaScript is very expressive, has a huge library and many tools available–all things that are absolutely necessary in making a language useful. And Java is certainly useful.

Although JavaScript has been the butt of the programming world’s jokes for years, JavaScript has changed completely and grown up over the past few years, making the language an important player in today’s programming world. The game-changers of JavaScript are: jQuery, JSON, Node.js and HTML5. These changes have made JavaScript a language that is essential for every developer today to know.

Why Learn Java?

Learning JavaScript is an excellent choice for anyone getting into the programming world–and not only because it is quickly taking over the coding universe! JavaScript is accessible, immediately useful, and it makes sense. What more could a coder want in a language?


Many beginning coders are frustrated when getting started. Not only will first time coders have to install unfamiliar software, but they will often have to deal with cryptic error messages, connect to remote servers, set up databases, and try to learn the command line at the same time.

To run JavaScript, instead, users only need a modern browser. Anyone new to JavaScript coding simply needs a text editor and a browser to start. Java allows coders to easily share and collaborate on code while learning and even while growing their skills.


It can be argued that JavaScript provides coders with the shortest path to write code actually useful to the new coder. Because of the wide availability of JavaScript and the ubiquity of the Internet, many simple problems can be solved with only a few lines of JavaScript.

Although many other languages could achieve similar results to the same simple problems, JavaScript often offers the shortest gap between learning to code and actually coding.


JavaScript is, for the most part, a language that is easy to follow and void of too many strange quirks. Although there are books and blogs galore on the strangeness of Java, it is pretty straightforward in all actuality. Along with this, the types of error messages that new coders tend to encounter are more friendly and simple to fix than other languages.

The Future

Because JavaScript is sweeping the programming world and easily learnable and usable, many tutorials and “how to” blogs are springing up from a variety of sources. For those interested in getting involved in the Java world, there are many options to get started in learning Java programming.

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