Storm: An Elemental Puzzle Platformer Must-Buy

One of the latest games to hit PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, and PC, Storm is a puzzle platformer based around nature and the elements. Gameplay consists of manipulating the path of a seed across various landscapes utilizing wind, rain, lightning and more. Beginning with Spring, the various levels carry you through the remaining seasons, your powers changing with them, keeping the game both fresh and diverse. Continue reading

The Rise of Minecraft

[quote]November 18, 2011 marks the Minecraft release out of beta. Follow the rise of Minecraft, from it’s humble beginnings as a one-man experimental project to its overwhelming success in the gaming industry accruing over $1 million in weekly sales. With close to $0 spent on advertising, Minecraft’s popularity can be marked by this year’s sold-out MineCon event in Las Vegas, NV, on November 18 & 19.[/quote]

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