Chair Inspired by Tetris: T Chair

T Chair is an innovative piece of furniture inspired by the famous 80’s puzzle video game Tetris, and also by deconstructivism, a development of postmodern architecture that similarly began in the 80’s. The most notable feature of the T Chair is its playful design, composed of the 5 famous pieces used in Tetris. The individual modules of T Chair are formed of fiberglass, making it both lightweight and durable. There are 2 versions, color (as seen) and black and white.

Designed by Gabriel CaƱas

Playable Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Playable Nintendo controller coffee table… Really, does more need to be said?

The really cool thing about this coffee table is that it is completely playable, all the buttons are entirely functional and it can be connected to a normal NES console and played like a normal controller. I was gonna get a small movie of that in progress, but I didn’t have time right then.

Some images from the build…

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