Who Is Hosting the Internet?

The internet is a random system of servers, data, and hosts. It gets really complex when hosts are hosted and data comes through a multitude of channels and systems.  For users, the experience is simple and generally hassle free.  Simply type a URL or click a link and instantly the page loads.  Search for a term and receive millions of results in the blink of an eye.  Few people ever wonder how it works and what makes the internet tick. Continue reading

Windows 8 Through the Eyes of Consumers

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[quote]Microsoft recently held their Build Windows conference in Anaheim, CA from September 13th to 16th. Here they gave an in-depth look at their much anticipated new operating system, Windows 8. We wanted to know what consumers are talking about in regards to Windows 8, particularly their overall impressions, how they feel the operating system will work on different hardware, how it stacks up against competitors, and what features they are most anticipating. We listened to 65,968 opinions to come to some interesting conclusions.[/quote]

Image credit: MashWork